The Children's Ministry is designed for those who have not yet reached Middle or High School age. But it is so much more than just a Bible class project or babysitting service.

Our mission is to guide children in growing in their love and understanding of the Word of God as they learn to be faithful servants of the Lord. We do this through specialized Bible classes, Children's Bible Hour and other events that shape our children spiritually, emotionally and physically.

As with our teens, these young people are a special resource that God has entrusted to our keeping. It is only through focused, specific instruction and tender loving care that they will develop the character that God has imbedded within them. As we look to the future of the church, we understand that these are the Bible school teachers, the preachers, elders and deacons of the generations to come. It is imperative that we provide them and their parents with the proper tools so that they can realize and fulfill the role God has for them.

The Leaders

God has blessed our youth ministry with a very special leader. Melanie Nickeo is the Ministry Leader who has the responsibility of developing this ministry in its various forms. She is assisted by the older siblings, parents and grandparents of our children along with other concerned members who provide the guidance and opportunities for our children to become strong servant leaders and valuable citizens.

What's needed

Specific needs include manpower to make sure our Bible classes continue. That means teachers for every classroom on both Sunday morning and Wednesday night. Sandra also needs someone to step up to the task of supervising the Children's Bible Hour as well as helping in the realm of puppets, teacher assistants, crafters and other miscellaneous activities. No doubt she could use some chaperone help for those outings away from the building.

As with all of our ministries, specific prayer is requested for both the workers and the children. It would also be helpful to give the workers a "pat on the back" for the work they are doing with this most precious resource.