Meridian Woods has a network of various small groups meeting throughout the week. We call them “Life Groups”.

Through small groups people are able to participate more fully in:

L -Loving Relationships
I – Involvement in Ministry
F – Fellowship in the Word
E – Evangelism (Sharing the Good News)

Each Life Group provides a safe place for people to grow in meaningful relationships, to know one another, and be known, love one another and be loved, and celebrate one another and be celebrated.

Life groups offer the optimal conditions for life change. Here you will find how the Word of God applies to your particular situation. Here there is meaningful worship, mutual edification and support through a caring network of friends who love God.

Some of our Life Groups follow the themes that are presented at our Sunday Worship Service. Others focus on particular topics. As participants mature, discover and utilize their particular spiritual gifts and leadership skills, groups reproduce and their outreach expands.

Where Do They Meet?

Michael Byrd


Ike Samples


Adam Farnsworth


Jim Beasley


Jim allen

Meridian Rd.

Jeff Douglas

Buck Lake

How Do I Join a Group?

If you have general questions about small groups or are interested in joining a group please contact our office.