In a day and age when more women work outside the home than not it is vital to provide multiple opportunities for fellowship, spiritual development and relationship building. The church is the place designed for that purpose.

We are blessed at Meridian Woods with an active and diverse Women's Ministry that strives to reach the needs of all our ladies. This ministry exists to build relationships among the women of the congregation and to strengthen unity and connection within the body of Christ. But it also serves as an outlet for developing relationships outside the body of Christ as a means of reaching our non-believer friends.

The goals of this ministry include, increasing the number of ladies who are involved in the many activities , building deep and lasting relationships, expanding the unity of women in other bodies of Christ throughout the region and creating an environment where non-Christians will feel comfortable taking part. Additional opportunities will certainly be presented that allow for mentoring, individual spiritual growth and activities designed to provide fun settings for fellowship and sharing.

Because of their unique place as wives, mothers, grandmothers, sisters and confidants, our ladies need to be allowed the opportunity to fill their cups instead of constantly emptying them for others. The various aspects of the Women's Ministry are designed to do just that.

A ladies' Bible class meets Thursday mornings at 10:00. Call Colleen at (850) 363-4148 for location and more information.

The Leaders

Several ladies have stepped up to be leaders within this group. While we certainly can't list them all here, Marjorie Beasley and Karen Watson stand out as points of contact for the various activities. However, any of our ladies are more than willing to help guide you to a more satisfying and growth filled life in the body of Christ.

What's needed

Simply put...YOU. What is most needed is involvement from every lady, regardless of age or background. Everyone has a special talent that can be shared with the other women. Every individual is important to this ministry effort.

In particular we are looking for people to help coordinate the various special interest groups and activities that are part of our upcoming activities. But we also need constant prayers for individuals and the group.