We often hear that the youth are the church of the future. However, what is really meant is that the youth are the future of the church. The fact is, our young people are a vibrant, vital part of the church today. Their needs are real and they are important.

We are blessed at Meridian Woods with a wonderful group of young people. They are cheerful, enthusiastic and excited about their service to God. But they are also in constant need of an ear to listen to their trials as they sort through how they fit in the great plan of God.

The purpose of our Youth Ministry is straight forward but challenging. Simply stated it is, "to provide overall care and spiritual development for the Meridian Woods youth through weekly Bible study, prayer, regular small group and specific events and activities designed to encourage individual and group growth."

Our young people are a special resource that God has entrusted to our keeping. It is only through focused, specific instruction and tender loving care that they will develop the character that God has imbedded within them. As we look to the future of the church, we understand that these are the Bible school teachers, the preachers, elders and deacons of the next generation. It is imperative that we provide them and their parents with the proper tools so that they can realize and fulfill the role God has for them.

What's needed?

As with every ministry, the leaders cannot complete what we have undertaken without help from the rest of the members of the church. We need manpower to help transport and chaperone the various activities that are planned. We need other members to provide space in their homes for the youth to have devotionals and other activities. You can let Andrew know if you’re willing to do that.

There is always a need for Bible class teachers, special financial help for scholarships and other events. Of course, everyone can spend time in prayer on our young people’s behalf. 

The spiritual development of our young people has got to be a top priority. While our Youth Ministry can certainly assist in that development, the simple truth is they can't do it alone. Parents, grandparents and other significant adults must be involved in reaching into their lives and helping equipping them to be faithful servants of God and His people.

No matter how old you are, you can be a positive influence in the life of one or more of our young people. Please, keep them in your prayers and reach out to become part of their lives as they strive to be righteous in a world full of darkness.